Monday, April 27, 2009


I wonder why there is much abundance in some countries, and poverty and deprivation in others such as India. Why is it that these countries are in position to help us???
I think there is nothing mysterious about this. The historic fact is that people of these “developed” countries believed for many years that they must live a good life in a strong and prosperous nation. They ready to work hard for achieving their goal. They took risks. With great discipline, focus on their goal, and a strong work ethic, they worked so that their reality became aligned with their dreams. With a similar strong sense purpose, we too can achieve a good life for all the people in India. If there is determination to achieve the goal, man will always succeed.
Let me tell you a known fact. It explains how the determination to achieve the goal can work wonders. During the World War II, Japan was virtually destroyed. 54 Japanese cities were bombed and Tokyo reduced to rubble. Three million Japanese were killed and thousands died later of malnutrition. Until 1949, the economy was in deep trouble. Yet today, Japan is one of richest countries in the world. This was achieved, among other things by the sheer determination of the Japanese government and people.
But this was not the case with India. By the time the British left India we had all the requirements to head towards the development. But still we are not added into the list of the developed countries in the world. I think it will not be listed in the near future as well. The greatest danger to our achieving our goal comes from our own lack of confidence in our abilities. This danger is further increased when we allow ourselves o be distracted from our purpose of developing the country by this who seek to divide the people and spoil our sense of being one united nation in the quest of a common goal. We no longer think about the nation’s development.
India was a country which lives united in spite of having different traditions, cultures and religions. Is this unity seen in all parts of the country today?? I think the answer is a big “NO”. I personally think it is not because of the citizens of the nation but because of the political parties which make their living by talking about the religion and fighting for the recognition. But we still don’t think about it seriously.
Our loving former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam dreamt for a developed country by 2020. So, let’s think about the country seriously and help his dreams come true. It is all in our hands as we are the young India that he believes in and we are the leaders of tomorrow. However nothing will happen spontaneously, nor can be left to the government, planners, scientists or economists alone. Every one has a role to play. From the Vision 2020, this is what the youth of the country can do: “In addition to pursuing your studies, think positive about India’s future. Devote a few days in a month to do something better, something which will make you proud, something will make a poorer or suffering person’s life a little better. Try to help in creating a climate for the positive actions and rapid change for the better”. Don’t leave India for attaining the foreign brand. Be in India and serve for its upliftment.