Monday, April 27, 2009


I wonder why there is much abundance in some countries, and poverty and deprivation in others such as India. Why is it that these countries are in position to help us???
I think there is nothing mysterious about this. The historic fact is that people of these “developed” countries believed for many years that they must live a good life in a strong and prosperous nation. They ready to work hard for achieving their goal. They took risks. With great discipline, focus on their goal, and a strong work ethic, they worked so that their reality became aligned with their dreams. With a similar strong sense purpose, we too can achieve a good life for all the people in India. If there is determination to achieve the goal, man will always succeed.
Let me tell you a known fact. It explains how the determination to achieve the goal can work wonders. During the World War II, Japan was virtually destroyed. 54 Japanese cities were bombed and Tokyo reduced to rubble. Three million Japanese were killed and thousands died later of malnutrition. Until 1949, the economy was in deep trouble. Yet today, Japan is one of richest countries in the world. This was achieved, among other things by the sheer determination of the Japanese government and people.
But this was not the case with India. By the time the British left India we had all the requirements to head towards the development. But still we are not added into the list of the developed countries in the world. I think it will not be listed in the near future as well. The greatest danger to our achieving our goal comes from our own lack of confidence in our abilities. This danger is further increased when we allow ourselves o be distracted from our purpose of developing the country by this who seek to divide the people and spoil our sense of being one united nation in the quest of a common goal. We no longer think about the nation’s development.
India was a country which lives united in spite of having different traditions, cultures and religions. Is this unity seen in all parts of the country today?? I think the answer is a big “NO”. I personally think it is not because of the citizens of the nation but because of the political parties which make their living by talking about the religion and fighting for the recognition. But we still don’t think about it seriously.
Our loving former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam dreamt for a developed country by 2020. So, let’s think about the country seriously and help his dreams come true. It is all in our hands as we are the young India that he believes in and we are the leaders of tomorrow. However nothing will happen spontaneously, nor can be left to the government, planners, scientists or economists alone. Every one has a role to play. From the Vision 2020, this is what the youth of the country can do: “In addition to pursuing your studies, think positive about India’s future. Devote a few days in a month to do something better, something which will make you proud, something will make a poorer or suffering person’s life a little better. Try to help in creating a climate for the positive actions and rapid change for the better”. Don’t leave India for attaining the foreign brand. Be in India and serve for its upliftment.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Power of Choices

I was over whelmed by the interest shown by the readers about the story on the 'Power of Choices'. Thanks a lot for your interest. I had initially had one short story to emphasise the Power of Choices in one's life. Later i thought why not google and find out if people had have more real life stories, which i can quote in my post. I came across a site called unlimitedchoice and also found a story which i had read long back, which is also a powerful motivation.

To start with, what are Choices in our life. Choices are the our decisions which determine what we do with the situations which we encounter in our daily life. Simply put, the power of choice is the ability to take actions and responsibility for those actions. Its our decision of how we decide to respond to some situations. In one of the Personal development programs which i had attended, i liked one particular learning.

The difference between Action and reaction. When something happens with us, do we tend to act or react. There is a lot of difference between the two. Act is something which you do when you are in control. Reaction is something which happens when you are not in control and you do something just because you feel you have to do something. The way we decide to respond to life will determine how far we get.

Now about the story ....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Learnings from Rahman's OSCAR speech

After reading the above line, if you are tempted to think that Iam going to write about some sermon, Iam sorry to disappoint you. The above words were spoken by Mr.Rahman in his acceptance speech while receiving the OSCAR for the much acclaimed movie "SlumDog Millionaire". Other than the fact that the awards has been a great great source of pride and happiness to over a billion Indians,it is also a testimony to Mr.Rahman's talent and humbleness. I can go on listing Rahman's musical wizardry skills, yet since many of my fellowmen have done that, i would like to share 3 things which stood out in his acceptance speech in the OSCARS award ceremony.

Firstly: His words "Mere paas ma hai meaning My mother is here, I have her blessings", is something which definitely would have made his mother very proud. I would like to point out to the extent his mother had an affect on him, the fact that Parents play a very important role in the up bringing of their child. Its a known fact that parents care for their kids. But the caring has to be such that it emphasises more on values and character rather than fulfilling the child fanciful wishes...

Parents who inculcate values and character in their kids ensure that the child grows up to a responsible and a good human being. Contrast it with the sad fact in today's world where parents are too busy with their life's to give enough time to their kids. Some assume that giving a lot of money to satisfy the child wish will keep him happy. This couldnt be farther from truth. The child needs good quality time with his/her parents so as to become a good human being. Not that, exceptions doesnt exist. Yet in the majority, the more the parents care and spend time for/with their children, the child is moulded to a greater precision, and Rahman's words bear testimony to the fact.

Secondly, his words "Ella Pughazhum Eraivanukke, which means "All my success and achievements are dedicated to God, God is great." This not only points out the humble nature of Rahman but also the fact that no matter how high one goes, one must keep in mind that their feet are firmly set in the ground. With lots of publicity and gala, its easy to get into the feeling of incredibleness and to lose one's head. Yet, the people who keep on making/creating new records are the one who never forgot that their achievements is a amalgamation of many people's effort and are always grateful for it. Hats off to the humble nature of Rahman.

Thirdly, his words ""All my life I had two choices - between love and hate and I chose love," reflects the power of choices in one's life. I have an interesting story to relate about how the choices we make determine our destiny. I will share it in my upcoming post. Coming back to Rahman's word, i have no idea about what Rahman choices he had and what he choosed, maybe we have to wait for Rahman to come up with his auto-biography... Yet one thing i have learnt from his above lines was this.

Initially i had a thought that giving OSCAR to Rahman for his music composition for SlumDog Millionaire is like mocking his previous compositions. Any ardent fan of Mr.Rahman will bear testimony to the fact that there are numerous composition of Rahman which are far better than his recent one. Yet we get an OSCAR for this one because this one has been produced and directed by a foreign entity. Our previous nominations "Lagaan","Taare Zameen Par" which should have fetched an OSCAR could have been over looked !! In one way, I was holding a negative perception of the whole incident. As in i have a choice to look at Rahman's OSCAR nomination with pride and i also have an option to criticise the delayed OSCAR award.

But as Rahman had said "Choice between love and hate, and choosing love has brought him where he stood", the same goes with our life. No matter how the circumstances are, choosing love not only spreads harmony but also inspires an individual to go for his highest potential. Its like when you embrace the world,the world embraces you. There is a lot more to the above words than what appears. So my Hats off to Mr.Rahman for making me look at the things at the right perspective.

Finally, my sincere and heartfelt congratulations to Mr.Resul Pookutty for making India proud. Hopefully, this marks a beginning of a new age where Indian cinematic talent will be recognized all over the world.

God Bless all.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Something to think about...................

I always wished that people around me should be happy and should be free from all sorts of troubles and worries,but do you think it is possible to keep people around us happy.I always have the habit of making fun and joking in front of friends,but who knows someone around you may be having some problem.Every day as the sun shines ,the problems in life increases.In this small world we are much frustrated that every second we think about ourself and our family members and not about others.There are millions of people in India below poverty line and others who just dont know what they are doing and take life as it is.People don't know how difficult it is to live in a city like Mumbai,Chennai or may be Delhi.They come from their village to cities in search of jobs .If they don't find any job ,then they get into activities that may not be accepted.I am an Engineering student from Mumbai and I always wish to help poor people ,I could not see people begging just for the sake of living.I know a place called Kurla where there are around 20 to 30 people who sit aside the ticket counter and beg for money .Some people carry small babies just for asking money .
Sometime I often feel ,how lucky we are to get a beautiful life ,our parents just give us things that we would never expect ,there are many who love us and take care of us but what about these people ,they live in such an extreme condition .New born babies who are known to be free from tensions are being used as a resource for begging in India,what will these innocent kids know?.Its even worse when I see a 16 year old kid carrying a 5 day old baby.I used to get shocked and as of now I am used to all such things.An Aunt of mine was so generous that she used to give 2 Rs to these beggars and imagine giving 2 rupees not only to a single beggar but to all present in that particular place.I asked her why do you do all such things,she replied with an answer that inspired me a lot.She told me that we have people to look after us and at times there are people who understand us and help us at times ,but for these innocent people there is no one to help them and they don't even know what they are doing.If they'd knew what they are doing ?they themself would be dissappointed. Everday I go to my college by train.It is the mean by which all people in mumbai get to their work place,college,schools etc.Train is another place for these people to get into their job.I remember a lady with two kids who may be around 4 and 2 years old singing songs in second class railway compartments.The mom used to sing and the two kids used to ask every one for money.We always used to travel in group and we group of friends always make fun of people present around us.When these kids used to come to used to ask money then we would just close our eyes as if we were sleeping.I sometimes felt bad doing this and I never expect to do such things ,so I used to give them 1 rs .The kids used to give a smile and go back for their collection.I would rather feel that I have made a child smile.What exactly are we Indians doing??
Beggars in UK and other countries are not called beggars because they don't beg and they impress people by playing some nice musics or may be dance and get some money from the mobs.But on contrary here in India when did beggars do such things?? they were just lazy sittin at railway stations ,traffic signals and markets and just chanting "allah ke naam pe do rupaiyya de do sir" which means please give me 2 rs by the name of allah .Even almighty allah would not suggest them to beg.Try to be innovative ..just come with a new idea and one day even they will be happy.Lets see how the goverment approaches with this thing and please dont neglect those people and help them .Because even they are Indians and it is the responsiblity of every Indian to help his fellow citizen. It is something to think about...................

(This is written after seeing the condition of beggars in Mumbai especially in Kurla region )

Thanks a lot Vinay ,for the invite.

I, a traditional Indian girl

I came into this world,
with closed tender fist,
with an unsure gait.
I was given a cute black mark,
on the corner of my forehead,
I was given a sacred locket,
around my neck
-to save me from evil eyes.
I was taught to touch my elders' feet,
blessings are saviours they said.
I grew up and was given curd,
every time I went for a test.
Chanting of hymns, chimes of temple bell,
blissful incense, and flowers fresh,
became a part of all my mornings.
The golden lamp near the tulsi plant,
the rangoli, the colors, the lords,
slowly defined my evenings.
The automatic folding of hands,
while passing by a temple,
the smile when you meet someone new,
the politeness with elders,
the love for youngers,
the kajal and the bindi,
flowers in long beautiful locks,
the bangles and anklet,
marked my understanding of adorn.
Trust but not a blind one,
hope and faith in unison,
I was given the keys to strength.
not to enter a house with slippers on,
a natural blush when complimented,
sweet words of encouragement,
and respect for everyone's rights,
tolerance and concern for others around,
were gifted to me gradually.
I learned to understand emotions,
and the power of voice modulation,
the meaning of silence and words.
A hug to steal away the pain
and a dance of joy,
sweets to mark celebration,
earning respect for oneself,
learning the art of composure,
I was growing intellectually and morally.
I know you will agree,
that there is no end to this saga.
I have lived it,
and I have loved it.
I - an integral part of India.
I - a Traditional Indian Girl,
......and proudly so!
P.S. thank you so much Leo for making me a part of this intellectual space. I am so happy contributing my first few words to "The Gateway of India".