Friday, March 6, 2009

Power of Choices

I was over whelmed by the interest shown by the readers about the story on the 'Power of Choices'. Thanks a lot for your interest. I had initially had one short story to emphasise the Power of Choices in one's life. Later i thought why not google and find out if people had have more real life stories, which i can quote in my post. I came across a site called unlimitedchoice and also found a story which i had read long back, which is also a powerful motivation.

To start with, what are Choices in our life. Choices are the our decisions which determine what we do with the situations which we encounter in our daily life. Simply put, the power of choice is the ability to take actions and responsibility for those actions. Its our decision of how we decide to respond to some situations. In one of the Personal development programs which i had attended, i liked one particular learning.

The difference between Action and reaction. When something happens with us, do we tend to act or react. There is a lot of difference between the two. Act is something which you do when you are in control. Reaction is something which happens when you are not in control and you do something just because you feel you have to do something. The way we decide to respond to life will determine how far we get.

Now about the story ....


rahul said...

very nice thoughts about action, reaction.

Will coome back to read the stories on Power Of choices.

Nice blog!!

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Femin Susan said...

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